Tip: Creating and Saving a “Group”

2012-02-02T22:29:16-05:00Sports Management, SportsSignup Updates|

Let’s say you need to e-mail a group of registrants that spans multiple Sessions, for example, all registrants from this season and last season. Instead of making this “selection” every time you need to e-mail this group, it is best to create and save this selection as a “Group” so you can perform other operations in the future (e.g. view, export, send e-mail). In this example we will create and save a Group from a series of Registration Detail reports. Note that if you are creating a Group from Active Sessions, you can make your selections directly from the Home page (you don’t have to create from Registration Detail reports as outlined in our example below).

Here’s how to create and save a Group:

  1. Go to Home | Registration Reports | Registration Detail.
  2. To include previous (non-active) Sessions, check the “show inactive sessions” box.
  3. Select a Session (Players or Players & Helpers), then click View Report.
  4. When the report generates, click Select All on the selections menu. You will see the “Registrations” increment on the selections menu.
  5. Click Change Session/Division in the upper left, and repeat steps 3 & 4 above until you have selected all the desired Sessions.
  6. To save the group, mouse over the Registrations(#) on the selections bar, and click Save from the drop-down.
  7. Name the new Group and click Save. This will make the selection available for sending emails or performing other operations (e.g. viewing, exporting) in the future.


  • Groups represent a snapshot in time – that is, if you create a Group from an active Session, it will not automatically be updated as new registrants enter the system.
  • If duplicate e-mail addresses exist in a Group, they are removed prior to sending.
  • More advanced operations can be executed against Groups, for example, creating a list of people that registered last year, but not this year. To access advanced functions, go to Home | Manage | Work with Groups.