Tip: Creating Well-Balanced Teams

2012-04-03T17:05:05-04:00Sports Management|

One of the challenges you face once your registration is closed is to create well-balanced teams.  Your organization most likely has policies and/or methods to accomplish this, and there are many possible variables. For example, you may load up all of your experienced players on a single team, or spread them out accross all teams. For co-ed divisions, you will likely want to balance male vs. female players on each team. Regardless of your team placement method, the SportsSignup system has a powerful tool to help you assign players and coahes to teams, and we will walk you through this tool in today’s Tips & Tricks entry.


Unassigned_players_2By default, when you list all of your Unassigned players in the Manage Teams interface, you will only see the first and last name of each player as shown on this screenshot. In this example, we would like to expose more columns of data to make player placement more balanced, more specifically, we would like to add columns for Gender and League Age. (Click on image to see a larger view).



Select_new_column_3Step 1: Create New Columns. Now we are going to add two new columns for Gender and League Age. First, we will add a Gender column. To do this, scroll your mouse over the location you would like to add the new column. You will see a selection box appear – continue to scroll over Add Column and another selection box will appear – scroll over Registrant, and you will see the possible columns fields appear. Click on Gender. Repeat this process one more time, but this time select League Age as a column.



Sort_by_genderStep 2: Sort columns. Now that you can view Gender and League Age, it is time to sort the columns. In this example, we would like to sort first by Gender, and then by League Age. To do this, scroll over the column header you would like to sort, and select Sort (A-Z). If we do this with the Gender column, all Female (F) players will be shown first. Now we would like to Sub-sort the League Age. To do this, scroll over the League Age column header and select Sub-sort (Z-A). This will result in a list where players are first listed by Gender, and then by League Age (oldest to youngest).


Assigning_playersStep 3: Assign Players to Teams. From here, you can now easily assign players to teams. To do this, select the player(s) and click on the Assign button next to the team name. To multi-select two or more players for assignemnt, hold down the Shift button while making your player selection, this will highlight the players to be assigned. Complete the task by clicking on the Assign button next to the team name.To “cherrypick” players from the list, hold down the Ctrl key while making selections.


With these tools, you can easily create teams based on any criteria based on information captured by default, or custom questions you may have asked during the registration process (e.g. skill level, years of play, etc.). If you need assistance with this feature, please contact support@sportssignup.com and our support staff would be happy to help you.