Tip: Get Notified Automatically on Feature and System Updates

2012-02-01T00:26:30-05:00SportsSignup Updates|

As we continue to bring you more of the features you request, we know it can be difficult to stay on top of all our updates.  Why not just stay up to date new features and system updates automatically?  When you subscribe to Knowledge base references, you will receive an e-mail alert when the reference is updated.

To subscribe, go to the Support Center within your SportsSignup account or go to support.sportssignup.com.  From the Support Center Home page, subscribe to the System Status reference by going to the System Status Folder in the left side menu:


Click “What is the Status of the SportsSignup System?” and Subscribe:  


To subscribe to Feature Updates, from the Support Center Home page, go to the Feature Updates Folder in the left side menu and then click Feature Releases then Subscribe.

More information about Subscribing to the Knowledge Base can be found in our Support Center.