Tip: Notes on Deleting Account Records

2012-02-01T02:06:34-05:00SportsSignup Updates|

We are often asked whether an Account, Person, Program, Session or Division can be deleted within the online registration system.  As it is important to maintain the integrity of the data and a historical record of registrations, once a Program, Session or Division has had registrations, they can no longer be deleted.  However, if a Program or Session was changed or canceled, once all registrations have either been moved to another Session or unregistered, then they can be deleted.  Likewise, an Account or Person cannot be deleted if there are any active Session registrations within that Account or person record.  An active Session, for this purpose, includes any Session that is within three months of the Registration Begins date through two weeks after the Play Ends date. A list of active and inactive Sessions can be viewed within the Session settings.

More information about deleting account records can be found in our Support Center.