Tip: Take Your Rosters “Live”

2012-04-03T16:25:33-04:00SportsSignup Updates|

How many times has a parent called to ask “What team is my daughter on?” Or from a coach: “When can I get my roster?” Coaches also need information about their teams so they can print rosters, e-mail their team members, etc.  We can reduce or eliminate these calls – if you know what to do. When you use the Create Teams tool in the SportsSignup online registration system, exposing this information is as easy as clicking on a checkbox.

Roster_liveWhen you are in the process of creating teams, parents and coaches do not have access to roster information. But, when you have formed your teams and are ready to make this information available, check the box in the “Live” column (click on graphic).

What do they see?

Coaches: Once a roster is made Live, coaches will be able to view their team members, print rosters, and e-mail directly from the system. They can access this information by logging in using their username and password (the same one used to register), and clicking on the View Team next to the team name they are coaching.

Parents/Registrants: When a parent (or registrant, in the case of an adult team) logs into the system with their username and password, they will also see a View Team button next to the registrant’s name. This will show all coaches assigned to that team, their contact information, along with team members (team members will have first and last names only, not contact information).