Tips & Tricks: Programs vs. Sessions vs. Divisions Explained

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Our support staff often gets questions about the best way to configure Programs, Sessions, and Divisions for your online registration site. Understanding the differences between them will help to make your system easier to use for your registrants and more optimized for administrators.

Our sports online registration system has a hierarchy with 4 different “layers” as described below:


1. Program. A group of Sessions having the same registrar, discount rules, consent, and post-purchase notice. Note that the Program name is not displayed to end-users.
2. Session. What end-users actually register for. A Session contains a description, a fee, dates for when registration opens and closes, and the dates of play/activities.
3. Divisions.  Created to subdivide registrants in your Sessions into different groups. Can also be used to automatically place registrants based on their age, grade, or gender.
4. Teams. Groups of players and coaches (or other registrants), typically by Division, that end up on a roster.


Below you will find more detail about each of the layers:

Programs_sessions_divisions_graphicPrograms: Take a look at the graphic (click on it to enlarge). In this example, there are 5 different Programs (High School, Rec Plus, etc.). Note that the Program names do not typically change from season to season or year to year. Also, Programs can have different registrars, and you can even restrict access to administrators so they can only access their Programs.


Sessions: Under the Travel Program in our example, there are 3 unique Sessions. Note that they are date-based, and will display to the end-user as “Travel Soccer 2007-2008.” It is suggested that you use descriptive names for your Sessions to help end-users understand what they are registering for. Along those lines, it is also recommended to complete the Session Description and Fee Description fields.

Welcome_page_2This Session information will be dynamically displayed on the registration Welcome Page as shown in the graphic (click to enlarge).  Sessions from previous seasons are shown here to administrators, but are not displayed to end-users because play has already ended.


Divisions: Sessions can have one or more Divisions. This is an organizational tool, to ‘bucket’ registrants into groups that are alike in some way. You can create Divisions by age or age ranges (U-10, Ages; 7&8), skill level (Beginner, Intermediate), gender (Girls, Boys, Co-ed), or any other useful way to organize your registrants. In our example, 11 different age/gender-based divisions are shown. For Divisions that are age, grade, or gender based, registrants are assigned to the appropriate Division(s).  Note that if you have different fee for each Division, you can easily override the Session fee when configuring your Divisions.


Need more info? Check out the online help when you are in the Programs, Sessions, or Divisions screen. If you would like to view/print screenshots of the online registration system, click here (or right click and “Save Target As…”) .  If you need more immediate assistance please contact and we would be happy to help you.