Understanding the Importance of Technology in Recruiting


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Understanding the Importance of Technology in Recruiting

Navigating through the recruiting process can be difficult. It’s hard to know when it begins, what’s expected of you, or even what your step-by-step game plan should be. Here are some beginner tips and tricks! 

1. Recruiting starts early…really early. The NCAA and NAIA permit all college coaches at all division levels in all conferences to begin recruiting high school athletes as early as their first day of high school in their freshman year. Get familiar with the rules and core course requirements as soon as your child realizes they would like to play in college.

2. College coaches look to trusted online resources to find and recruit talent. Coaches rely on trusted online tools that allow them to quickly and easily search and sort through athlete recruiting profiles. These profiles allow coaches to get a quick snapshot of an athlete – from their skill level to what they want in a college – as well as contact and interact with them. Get your child started with a free NCSA recruiting profile. 

3. Be visual and use highlight videos. Gone are the days of coaches traveling the country to scout. While they still need to see as many athletes compete as possible, coaches now heavily rely on highlight and skills videos instead. Add a highlight video to your child’s recruiting profile.

4. Cast the net wide. Less than 1% of college athletes earn a Division 1 full ride. In fact, the majority compete at the DII, DIII, NAIA or JC levels. Shortlist up to 50-100 schools that meet your child’s preferences and needs.

5. Do your research. Choosing a college will impact the next 40 years of your child’s life. A coach can help speak to your child’s abilities and character, but ultimately your family has to determine if a school and coach is the right fit. Some questions to ask include:

  •  Are your child’s grades and test scores good enough to be accepted?
  • Does the college offer what your child may be interested in studying? 
  • Would your child be happy with the campus setting? Is it in a city, suburb, or rural area? 
  • Does your child have the athletic ability to compete at their level?
  • Will there be a need for your child’s position when they get there? 
  • Does the college have scholarships available to offer athletes from your child’s graduating class? 

Now get out there and get the process started for your athlete!


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