Update: Administrative Privileges

2012-01-31T23:55:49-05:00SportsSignup Updates|
As part of SportsSignup‘s commitment to security and privacy, we maintain an internal Information Security Policy. This outlines what privileges are granted to each employee as well as each employee’s commitment to this policy.  We take this very seriously and understand that our customers do too. As we have reviewed and updated our privileges internally, we are also reminding all primary administrators to periodically review their administrative users and to take this opportunity to review WHO has access in your system and what their privileges allow them to do.

We understand that granting privileges to users within any system can be a very challenging task. We have taken an opportunity to do some privileges “spring cleaning” in order to make the privileges more understandable.  We have made these changes in order to make granting privileges easier, allowing the focus to be on what users will be allowed to do.

One change worth noting is that all administrators can view data in your system – accounts, people, and registrations.  The ability to modify data is controlled through privileges. Due to the way some of the Privileges were named, this has not always been clear. 

Please take the time now to review your administrative users and their privileges.