Update: Deleting a Check Payment

2012-01-27T15:05:25-05:00SportsSignup Updates|

Have you had the instance where a check payment was recorded within the 12 hour window only to have to change it at a later date?  Then having to make an adjustment to “reverse” the payment ( if recorded incorrectly or if a check bounced)?  We understand this presented a couple of problems: No record of the deletion and an adjustment affected the Revenue side of the transaction- this was not capturing a payment reversal properly on the payment side.

In order to track this process a bit easier we’ve now made adjustments so payments can be deleted anytime.  When deleted, a few things will be easily visible:

  • The Payment will show on the Order with a red line through it, consistent with deleting an adjustment and un-registering an order.
  • On the Payment Detail report, there will be 2 entries, the payment on the date the payment was made, and a payment deleted entry on the deleted date, for a negative amount.
  • On Payment Summary report the entry will show up in column called Check Refund and now a new column called “Other Refund” to reflect deleted payments that were initially recorded as “Other.”