Update: New Custom Question Library

2012-01-27T18:22:31-05:00SportsSignup Updates|

Are you creating multiple Programs or Sessions related to different sports but asking the same questions, for example, “Do you need a uniform?”  Do you have a question that you only to ask one age group or Division?  Want to create a new program but the custom questions you have created are located in another Session?  The new Custom Question Library makes this way easier!  


Custom Questions Library Screenshot

The Custom Question Library (click on image to see sample screenshot) will allow administrators to create and re-use questions across Programs, Sessions and Divisions. Now, questions only need to be created once and assigned to multiple registration areas. In addition to registration questions, we have added the ability for administrators to ask questions at the account and person levels. This allows organizations to collect information that does not change from year-to-year or season-to-season.


What happened to our existing custom questions?

All existing custom questions were converted over to the Custom Question Library.  If there were duplicate questions, such as those with identical report labels, they were merged. Only one question will appear in the library and will be applied to all the sessions where it previously existed. Questions that were different due to different surcharges, list items or other criteria were not merged, but again will appear where they were previously being used. In the majority of organizations, no action is required. However, if your organization has a large number of questions, we recommend reviewing the questions in the Custom Question Library.  Question labels need to be unique and specific enough to identify them when assigning them to Programs, Sessions or Divisions.  

We are confident that this feature will save you time and make it easier to create and manage custom questions.