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There’s no better compliment to all the hard work we do than when our customers and thier members refer SportsSignup’s online sports registration system to their friends!  Do you know of other organizations that could use any of SportsSignup services, like online sports registration, volunteer background checks or concussion management tools? Maybe another program your children are involved in? If yes, the SportsSignup $50|$50|$50 Referral program is perfect for you. With this new program, we are able to reward everyone involved in helping make life easier for sports administrators everywhere. 

How will it Work?

It is very easy – see the steps below:

Step 1: Send info to your “friends.”

If you know other sports organizations that might benefit from SportsSignup’s services, you will send their representative(s) a pre-configured email through the SportsSignup system. You can add your own custom message, like “Hey, this SportsSignup system rocks!” or whatever.

Step 2: Track the progress.   

If you are a sports organization administrator, you will have a referral dashboard where you can track the progress of your referral(s). New accounts using your link will be tied to you – so we can issue the rewards.  If you are an end-user you can just give us a call to track the progress.

Step 3: Get rewarded!   

For all Qualified Referrals*, everyone wins:

  • You will receive $50 in the form of an electronic gift card
  • Your friend’s organization will get a $50 registration credit
  • Your organization will receive a $50 credit, in your name, towards SportsSignup Services

Learn more by clicking the banner that looks just like this on your system administrator homepage!

Refer for Reward Banner