What A Sports League Website Can Do for Your Team

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Sports League Website Can Do for Soccer TeamOnline league management software offers tools for organizations to streamline their processes, thus reducing time and increasing administrative efficiency. The best solutions include the ability to create an Internet presence for the league and, more impressively, individual teams. This would seem to be an incredible benefit for coaches, yet many are reluctant to take advantage of the feature.

The reasons for this reluctance vary. Some coaches may think maintaining a sports league website for their teams is too much extra work. Some are outwardly enthusiastic but may worry updating the site will be too difficult from a technical standpoint. Some may have struggled in the past with other league management platforms that were not intuitive. These are all valid concerns but, with today’s top solutions, sufficiently addressed. Here are some advantages that a sports league website can do for your team:

Stay Organized

As part of an overall sports league website, coaches have access to many of the organizational tools available to admins. Roster pages provide all the player information you need—phone numbers, email addresses, parent info, medical notes—to run a team. Schedules and calendars keep track of practices and games, and if you must cancel a practice, for example, it’s automatically applied to all areas of the league’s site. Coaches (and parents) can find the info they need about their squad simply by bookmarking a team website, as opposed through digging through emails or printed rosters just to find a phone number.

Keep Everyone Informed

As already alluded to, and as coaches know all too well, communication is a major challenge for youth rec teams. Take the example of the canceled practice: If you are forced to reschedule, you must inform parents to not show up at the field or court. This might involve emails, phone calls, and/or text messages—and can be a pain; plus, you always run the risk that not everybody gets the news. A sports league website includes tools to automatically notify parents when a calendar change is made, without any additional effort from you. Also, if you need to get a message out to the team, you can type one out within the software and efficiently send it, without having to copy and paste email addresses or phone numbers. Finally, parents can post messages and news onto the team website as well.

Track Stats and Results … in Real Time

Many coaches would love to keep statistics for their team—and then post those stats online—but they are usually too busy during games to do so. A parent or assistant coach might volunteer for the job, but there still is the task of updating and accumulating those stats online. A sports league website offered with the best platforms eliminates math and any manual updating; all the scorekeeper needs to do is enter the game data in real time, and the software does the rest. Upon completion of the game, you have an automatically scored game, updated team statistics that also are applied to webpages with league leaders, and updated standings and schedules. Moreover, because the game is being scored in real time, people who aren’t attending a game can follow along online.

Build a Community

Ideally, youth rec sports teams become more than teams—they become little communities. Teammates become good friends. Families become good friends as well, and the team stays together year after year. A sports league website fosters this community, strengthening it as the long season progresses. The news builder feature of the site allows coaches and parents alike to post game stories, announce events, organize parties, and call for volunteers. Photos and videos can be uploaded, and slideshows can be created. In these ways, a sports league website isn’t just a source of information, but an avenue to celebrate the team itself.

What benefits would you hope to gain from a sports league website?