What Are You Thankful For this Season?


Thanksgiving is this week! Hopefully your turkey is defrosting and you have your pie order in (or baking!). It’s time Grandma’s stuffing or after-dinner games of tag football! And when millions of Americans sit down to say what they are thankful for this year we hope your experience with youth sports is one of those things.

We at SportsSignup are incredibly thankful for the:

Sports parents who encourage their kids to get active and try a new sport. Most 5 years old aren’t registering themselves for Little League so its mom and dad that get them signed up and shuttle them off to each practice and game, not to mention investing in new equipment for each sport each season, helping with team fundraisers, and more. Thank you to the sports parents that carpool other players to away tournaments, that plan team dinners, that volunteer as assistant-coaches throughout the season as needed.What Are You Thankful For this Season?

Thank you sports parents that remember that while winning is great (and losing can certainly hurt), there is more to be gained out of youth sports than just a winning record at the end of the season. Thank you for the sports parents that teach good sportsmanship to their young athletes and demonstrate that behavior from the sidelines Thank you for the sports parents that foster a season of community and teamwork among the players, that ensure the safety of each child, and those who work to make sure kids love to play!

Coaches who donate their free time and energy into coaching a dozen or so young players. Thank you for teaching these kids the fundamentals of a given sport that set them up to succeed for the rest of their athletic career, however long that may be. Thank you for doing your best to make sure each child is learning and engaged and having fun as much as possible. Thank you for dealing with cranky sports parents, for organizing tournaments and team trips, and for creating a place where kids feel safe and accepted. Thank you for teaching our children how to play as a team, how to win and lose with grace, how to be a leader, and why you should never be disappointed in the outcome of a game as long as you gave it your all.

Officials who referee and umpire our Little League baseball and Peewee football games. Thank you for also dealing with cranky sports parents and overly competitive coaches and trying to maintain peace during the game. Thank you for ensuring our youth athletes are playing on an equal field and showing that underhanded and unsportsmanlike actions won’t help you win.

Youth athletes who get up every Saturday excited to play. Who give it their all in every practice and every game and are always there for their teammates. We are thankful for young athletes that show us what teamwork and sportsmanship really mean, that understand how hard work is the best path to success, and are always happy to walk out onto the field no matter what happened in the last game. We know kids today have a million and one other activities they could be doing in their free time (and most of them are great!), but we’re so thankful that so many kids are decided to give youth sports a go.

What are you thankful for this season?