What Happens to Your Registrants’ Data?

2014-03-20T15:27:42-04:00Sports Management|

The majority of the sports organizations that SportsSignup works with share our view and our data policy, which is as follows: All member data collected during registration is confidential and should never be provided to an outside entity, even if in exchange for money or services, and never without the explicit consent of each member.

However, some youth sports organizations have decided, on behalf of their members, that it is ok to allow full access to member information to sponsors in exchange for discounted services (like coupons or equipment deals) or other benefits (donations to the sports league). This means allowing the sponsor to have unfettered access to member (adult and/or child) data including names, e-mails, physical addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, etc.

According to a survey we here at SportsSignup put out to our customers and social connections (which 850 people responded to), 99% of respondents said it is NOT OK to share registrants’ information without explicit permission, and although some sports organizations are struggling financially, 96% of respondents said that data privacy is AS IMPORTANT as financial challenges.

So what is your online registration software provider doing with your registrants’ personal data? We took a look at the actual Privacy Policy from a sample of registration vendors and found that the following “purposes” were listed, where acceptance of the Privacy Policy was a condition of registration:

  • To administer surveys, sweepstakes, contests or promotions

  • To conducting research and analysis

  • To combining certain Personal Information, customer information and Automated Information collected online and offline, including information collected from third parties

  • To transfer or disclosure of such information to affiliates and subsidiaries

  • To share with third party businesses and service providers, including marketing and research vendors and various companies that “work with us”

  • As we “deem necessary,” for a variety of purposes

Here are what some of the respondents had to say to that;

“I paid to Participate. I should not be subject to spam mail or unwanted solicitation phone calls for things I do not want.”

“I do NOT want family information used as a marketing tool under any circumstances. We get way to much junk correspondence as it is. A local sporting goods store will periodically offer league members discounts and that gets handled by the league including the store’s link in the league’s newsletter. They don’t need to contact us directly.”

“I would rather give you a key to my house that my email, birth date or other personal info.”

While you may not think it’s a big deal, chances are your sports parents agree with our survey respondents and do NOT want their personal information being used for anything other than signing their son or daughter up for soccer or baseball. Your sports organization should fully understand the terms of the agreement with your online registration vendor, and ensure that your league ALONE has access to that private data. And never use information for purposes outside your Privacy Policy unless you get explicit permission from each of your members, even if it gets you “free” or “discounted” services with your registration vendor.

Download the whole report here: http://www.sportssignupinfo.com/forms/Data-Privacy-and-Sports-Registration-Survey-Report.pdf