What SportsSignup is Thankful for This Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving has got to be one of the best holidays—it’s a time to come together with your loved ones and give thanks for all the good things in our lives. Not to mention it’s a time to eat the best meal of the year! We at SportsSignup would like to take a moment to thank some people in our lives.

1. Awesome volunteers.

Let’s be honest, awesome volunteers help keep a youth sports organization running day in and day out. They help organize tournaments and potlucks, run sports gear swaps and field days, step in as last minute officials or coaches, help process sports registration paperwork and more. A lot of sports organizations are usually strapped for volunteers meaning the ones you do have are sometimes pulling double or even triple duty. Be sure to thank all your volunteers this Thanksgiving for all they do for your league!

2. Dedicated sports parents.

To all the sports moms and dads out there—thank you. You drive to and from practice, games and tournaments; pack healthy half-time snacks and extra water bottles, help keep practice running smoothly when the coaches need help, put in a couple extra hours of batting/throwing/shooting/passing practice in the back yard and more. Not to mention you were probably the one that registered your child for a youth sports program in the first place!

Are there some sports parents out there that cross the line from time to time, sure, but the vast majority of sports parents just rock and don’t get enough credit for it! Thank you for all you do.

3. Great coaches.

A great youth sports coach can make all the difference in a young athlete’s life. They inspire, motivate, teach, support and praise our kids into becoming the best athlete (and person) they can be. A great coach knows that youth sports is about a lot more than learning to slide, throw the perfect spiral or hit every layup (although learning the basics is a high priority!)—it’s about teaching kids to become great leaders, team players and better people for the rest of their lives.

4. Fantastic players.

And last but certainly not least, let’s be thankful the fantastic youth athletes themselves. These kids give up their free time on week nights and weekends to play a sport they love; they give it their all during practice and game time (and can you really ask for more?), they support and respect their teammates and they make us all remember that life is a game and it’s meant to be enjoyed.

From everyone here at SportsSignup we wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

Now go eat some turkey and enjoy being with your loved ones.