Whose Brand is More Important? Your Sports Organization or Your Sports Registration Company?

2013-01-23T16:48:46-05:00Sports Management|

A lot of SportsSignup’s blog posts talk directly to the sports parents, coaches and volunteers that are actively involved with youth sports. But there is a forth group of individuals that help make youth sports possible for the rest of us—sports administrators! These are the people that actually run the leagues our children play in and without them there would be no organized youth sports community! This post is for all the youth sports league administrators out there. (So if you know one pass it on!)

Does your sports organization’s website developer want their name in bold at the top of your website? Of course not. Neither should your sports online sports Registration Service Provider (RSP)!  At the end of the day you want the parents and families in your local community learning more about your various youth sports leagues, registering their children for the upcoming season and volunteering to act as coaches and officials…not learning more about your RSP. After all, they don’t need an RSP of their own—they just need to use your online registration portal!Whose Brand is More Important? Your Sports Organization or Your Sports Registration Company?

In a world where brand building is important to any business or organization’s growth, including community sports leagues, one of the fundamental boundaries to establish is the line between your own organization’s brand and image and that of your RSP. Most RSP’s in the sports online registration market not only want, but need to have themselves and their brand logos tied to creating a registration. It’s a crucial component of their own marketing and branding process and how they “spread the word” about their service. For instance, instead of “Register now for Acme Soccer,” it is more common to see “Register now for a (Registration Service Provider Name Here) Account.” In some cases the entire page is dedicated to the RSP, with the organization’s name showing somewhere on the page. Check out this page for a baseball program to get a better idea of what that might look like when a registration company puts their brand ahead of the sports organizations. Can you see how many links and items on the page are totally unrelated to the registration at hand? Heck, they don’t even put the name of the sports organization in a prominent position so parents know they found the right page! If a potential sports parent were to go to this page to register their son or daughter for baseball what brand are they learning more about? Certainly not the baseball league!

This strategy serves the RSP more than it serves your sports organization’s brand. It is done to establish a brand identity for the RSP, so they can get more customers – it’s a nice idea (and we can understand why they need to promote themselves), but in the end you are paying them for a service and that service should be yours! There are some technical reasons that this might be necessary for many RSP’s, but overcoming technical issues to showcase your brand is a problem that can be solved. Your sports organization should be the most important thing on your own website, not your RSP!

So, when searching for a sports Registration Service Provider, check out the front end of the registration process. If the RSP’s name and logo is all over it, ask yourself: “Is this our system, or theirs?”

The next question to ask is about data ownership…we will discuss ownership of your membership data in a later post.

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