Why It Pays to Have a Team Management Software

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Why It Pays to Have a Team Management SoftwareMoney, money, money …

Despite the fact most youth rec sports leagues are nonprofit entities, their directors and treasurers often struggle with ensuring their organizations are properly funded. Refs and umps need to be paid, fields and courts need to be rented, and uniforms and essential equipment need to purchased. After those expenses, there’s often no money left to make improvements to the league—perhaps in the form of upgraded equipment, better officials, or a longer season. A drop in registrations means less money for the organization, which must be sure its fundraising and sponsorship efforts are solid or risk even greater shortfalls.

In light of the budget crunch many leagues face, spending money on team management software may seem like an extravagance. However, the best online options should be viewed as an investment, not an expense. Besides giving your league a visibility that is absolutely necessary in this day and age, league management software also pays off in other ways. Here are four of those benefits:

Less Busy Work

Team management software provides streamlined functions for directors and administrators who are often bogged down with busy work, especially before the season begins. For example, sifting through hundreds of paper registrations and manually compiling rosters takes time—time that could be better spent promoting the league (to attract more fees-paying players), fundraising, and securing sponsorships (and money) of local businesses. The best solutions greatly reduce the administrative burden on directors, who are then freed up to focus on improving their leagues.

More Invested Coaches

Coaches, who are usually volunteers in most rec organizations, are the lifeblood of youth sports leagues. Yet, many coaches give up on this important role not because they don’t want to work with the kids anymore, but because the administrative side of the job has worn them down. Emailing parents, trying to secure practice times and equipment, contacting the league administration—these tasks can take their toll over a long season. Team management software makes these tasks easier and helps eliminate burnout. Better yet, invested coaches are an asset to an organization and, especially, its players, who will be more likely to register year after year because of the excellent team experience they felt.

Streamlined Registration Fees

As already stated, the registration process without team management software can be a time-consuming hassle for league admins. One aspect of paper registrations that is especially vexing is payments. All those checks require effort to manage and present their own set of problems. What if someone sends in a registration without a check? What if your record of who has and hasn’t paid isn’t accurate? What if a few checks bounce? Ultimately, these issues mean for less money for your league—when every cent counts. Online payments eliminate checks and cash from the equation. Parents can’t register without paying, and you know payments will automatically deposit in your league’s account and not become lost.

More Engaged Families

Ideally, every family in your league this season would come back next year (minus the players who have outgrown the age requirements, of course). Unfortunately, this is never the case—families move on because their children no longer like the sport and want to try a different activity, because they switch to a league they feel is better run, or because they are just tired of the effort of getting kids to practice and games. Team management software simplifies life for these parents: easy communication, easy access to schedules and information, and greater sense of belonging to their children’s team and to the league itself. Families engage more in the sport and come back to your league year after year. Moreover, they might become evangelists for your organization, promoting the league to other families and volunteering and fundraising whenever possible.

What creative ways has your league increased its budget?