Youth Sports Blog Roundup for April 11th, 2012


Below you will find a few of our favorite blog posts that are related to youth sports, youth sports coaching and sports parenting from the past few weeks. Please feel free to visit each and we hope you find them as helpful as we do!

One question you should ask before you become a sports parent

If you are a beginning sports parent–your child is small and just starting out–I have a question for you.  What kind of sports parent do you want to be if your kids are still playing when they get to high school or college?

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What Motivates Kids (Without Pressuring Them)?

They [sports parents] say their kids love sports, are eager to go to games, but seem to spend a lot of time fooling around during practice. Or they don’t like to practice. What should parents and coaches do in this case?

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Passion in Sports

 It is amazing to see the passion that comes through when championships take place.  Everyone’s level of play is raised and the competition brings the best out of the athletes.

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Great Coaching is like Driving in Snow

5 Ways Great Coaching is like driving in the snow:

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Ugly Youth Baseball Fight Caused by Adults?

The ugly event allegedly started with a first base coach jawing with the pitcher of the Yuba City Honkers. The young pitcher lost his cool and threw a baseball at the coach. The ball missed the coach, so the player charged the coach and a brawl ensued. Check it out.

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Girls and Boys Playing Sports Together—A Few More Thoughts

First, my support for girls Playing Up with boys was directed primarily at strong, competitive girls who want to improve their play. These are the girls who have the physical ability, sports skills, confidence, and desire to compete against the best competition—regardless of whether its boys or girls, young or old.

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