Youth Sports Blog Roundup for December 12th, 2012


Below you will find a few of our favorite blog posts that are related to youth sports, youth sports coaching and sports parenting from the past few weeks. Please feel free to visit each and we hope you find them as helpful as we do!

Removing the Negative Out of “Throwing Like A Girl”

An article in the Chicago Tribune recently caught our attention. “Throwing like a girl comes naturally for women” highlights the large gap between girls and boys in regards to their throwing ability. The cited research is interesting: the gap between overhand throwing ability in girls and boys begins at age 4. Then, “at age 5, the average U.S. boy throws balls 7mph faster than the average U.S. girl.” Even more discouraging, the article states “nearly every boy by age 15 throws better than the best girl.”

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Sport Specialization for Young Athletes: Part 1

In the United States, the model of Sport Specialization for Young Athletes has grown from an obscure practice employed by relatively few parents and coaches seeking to give their children and/or athletes every possible advantage over the competition to a now widely accepted and seemingly necessary step toward a promising amateur and potentially professional career in competitive sport.

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Winning is Great, But Youth Soccer Must be Fun

Competitive sports are a very strange phenomenon in the modern world.  We love sports, especially soccer.  Here is a game where people of all ages can take the field, kick a ball around, and enjoy themselves.  But too often in sports, a massive emphasis is placed on winning, and soccer players and coaches lose site of the overall goal, which is to simply have fun.  Make sure that your soccer team enjoys playing the sport, regardless of the score, because in youth soccer that is by far the most important thing.

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Coaching girls as Title IX turns 40

When I was 12 (circa 1977) my mother taught me how to throw and catch a lacrosse ball in our backyard. She had learned in her Pennsylvania high school, where the girls taught the boys how to play. But in college she played no sports, because there were scant few athletic opportunities for women in the late 1950s.

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Why Criminal Prosecutions Help Control Parental Violence in Youth Sports (Part I)

On October 16, a Minnesota judge sentenced Thomas Tonda to six months in prison for choking his son’s pee wee hockey coach during a practice session while the 11-12-year-old players watched.  Tonda had pleaded guilty to one felony count of terroristic threats after prosecutors dismissed a misdemeanor assault charge.

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Youth Sports: Thoughts on Nine-Year-Old Girl Football Sensation

This past week a video of a nine-year-old girl playing boys youth football hit the internet, and media, on a fairly large scale.

To say I was impressed with this young ladies athletic abilities as I watched her slash through openings, sprint by would-be tacklers (even those who had an angle on her), make corners, take hits, and complete tackles, would be an understatement. This girl could flat out play, demonstrating an athletic ability, at this age (maybe any age), rarely seen.

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