Youth Sports Blog Roundup for July 3rd, 2013


Below you will find a few of our favorite blog posts that are related to youth sports, youth sports coaching and sports parenting from the past few weeks. Please feel free to visit each and we hope you find them as helpful as we do!

No-Score Youth Sports Policies Gaining Popularity

This summer, a growing number of youth soccer teams in Ontario will be playing games without keeping track of goals scored, at least not officially. And next summer, no scores or standings will be kept for any 12-and-under teams playing in the Ontario Soccer Association.

Practice Soccer Like You Play a Game

In trying to understand how professional soccer star become so great, many people have surmised that talent alone does not lead to success.  What results in soccer players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Gareth Bale is deliberate practice.  It’s not enough to just head outside with a soccer ball and kick it against the garage door for 20 minutes a day.  A true mastermind of the game practices like they play, with a dedication and intensity that pushes them to the next level, no matter where they are at during the present.

Letter From A Volunteer Coach

Today I heard a comment made about me behind my back. I started to turn around and look, but then decided better of it and kept my eyes on the field. My wife hears things like this more often than I do, because many of you don’t know who she is. She tells me what you say. I have received angry emails, full of “suggestions,” about who should be playing where and how I lost that day’s game for the kids. I thought I’d write an open letter to all of you parents, even though I might never send it. I’ll start it this way: “I am a volunteer.”

Baseball Players and Umpires – Emotions Controlling Your Actions

The other day there was a little incident that happened in a Major League baseball game where a player had a disagreement with the home plate umpire over balls and strikes.  The count was 3-1 and the pitcher threw a ball at least 4 inches outside.  The hitter immediately dropped his bat and started jogging to first base only to hear the umpire call strike two.

Common Coaching Mistakes

I’ve been asked, what are the most common coaching mistakes. I’ve done my best to compile a list. While some might argue with me about these, their order, or the list itself. I really believe that these are valid and important. So, let me know what you think. Here is a list of some of the most common coaching mistakes…

Creating intelligent players

Intelligence on the pitch isn’t something that comes naturally to all players. Many will make good passes or strong tackles but won’t think about what follows. Smart players are those who learn there is more than one part to a move – they must link, support and anticipate.