Youth Sports Blog Roundup for March 28th, 2012

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Below you will find a few of our favorite blog posts that are related to youth sports, youth sports coaching and sports parenting from the past few weeks. Please feel free to visit each and we hope you find them as helpful as we do!

Reasons You Should Encourage Your Daughter to Play Softball

Fastpitch is an intense competitive venue, and from the sounds that resonate from the dug outs, is also a lot of fun for the girls playing. 

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Are you teaching or instructing your basketball players and team?

What is the goal? Is a coach there to instruct or to teach? Are players there to follow directions or to learn? Are successful teams the ones with the most order and structure or the ones with the players who can think the game? Is the goal of coaching to get players “to pass the test” or to enhance their playing abilities by helping them learn?

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A Little Coaching Encouragement Goes A Long Way

We certainly need to keep working to educate our inexperienced coaches, but we probably can do a better job of telling them when they’re doing things right.

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After Sandusky, youth sports coaches adapt to the impact of child sex-abuse scandals

Recent arrests of several prominent coaches, however – most notably former Penn State football assistant Jerry Sandusky – on child-molestation charges have caused youth coaches to re-examine how they interact with their players.

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Six Escalating Steps to Keep Players from Goofing Off or Cheating on Drills

Even the most enthusiastic kids are going to have off days, and it’s tough to find 11 or 12 kids that are all equally engaged and in the right emotional and mental place to behave appropriately all the time.

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How to Cure Softball Practice Boredom – Bandana Drill

I found my younger players getting quickly bored with some of our standard drills and they were making fundamental mistakes when just practicing throwing, catching and fielding exercises. We had a particularly bad training session and they were becoming very despondent. I realized they needed COMPETITION!!

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