Youth Sports Blog Roundup for September 19th, 2012


Below you will find a few of our favorite blog posts that are related to youth sports, youth sports coaching and sports parenting from the past few weeks. Please feel free to visit each and we hope you find them as helpful as we do!

4 Tips for High School Athletes

SVSP’s Jan Clifton, MS, LAT, ATC, CSCS says that, “one of the biggest issues we have is that the athletes eat at 11:00 am, begin practice at 3:30 pm or even later, then their blood sugar drops dramatically during practice or an event later in the evening. Athletes really need a light snack; fruit, protein, or even a granola bar and crackers, to help boost blood sugar to improve performance and prevent injury from fatigue.”

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How to Properly Fit Your Child with Sports Safety Gear

Safety is a parent’s number one concern when it comes to their kids and sports.  Providing your kids with safety equipment is not enough.  You must be sure that the safety equipment you provide your child is properly fitted in order for it to reduce risk of injuries.  Football, baseball, softball and lacrosse players must be fitted for protective gear such as helmets and protective pads.

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Keeping Kids Safe in All Types of Sports

When you hear about concussions and head injuries in youth sports, football and hockey typically come to mind. Increasingly, coaches, parents and athletes all across the nation have grown increasingly attuned to the risks associated with these sports and the paramount need for safety protocols during both practices and games.

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Young Athletes Sports-Specific Training Insanity

You see the ads all the time. Typically rife with promises of “radical increases” in strength, speed and power, they grab the attention of athletes, parents and coaches alike. Capitalizing on the desire of young athletes to gain any possible advantage over their peers, sports-specific training programs have been popping up all over the place in recent years. Whether it’s a soccer player seeking a more powerful kick, or a basketball player that wants to increase his, or her vertical leap, parents are shelling out big money for training that’s aimed at increasing their child’s physical prowess in a given sport. The question is, though, how specific does a training program really need to be for bodies that are still developing and as such, often have a variety of needs that far outweigh the enhancement of particular sports skills?

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Healthy School Lunches for Young Athletes

With all of the feedback from my kids, I wondered: what’s a parent to do about providing a healthy school lunch that provides adequate energy, appealing fruits and vegetables, and isn’t the same week after week? If you’re struggling with similar questions, consider following the suggestions below. They’re easy to do and will make a lasting impact on your child’s health choices and energy levels throughout a long school day.

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Display of Intrepidity – The Decision

This summer my family faced a pretty large dilemma.  In the grand scheme of things, it may not seem that large when I describe it because it was not a matter of life or death but at the same time it was a major issue in our household.

My youngest daughter, becoming a HS sophomore, was not sure if there would be a field hockey team in the fall and, per our household rules, she had to figure out a physical activity for that time period/season.

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