Youth Sports Blog Roundup for September 4th, 2013


Below you will find a few of our favorite blog posts that are related to youth sports, youth sports coaching and sports parenting from the past few weeks. Please feel free to visit each and we hope you find them as helpful as we do!

PARENTS V. COACHES: Meddling Parents at the College Level

Early last month, I had an interesting telephone conversation with the men’s soccer coach at a small western university.  He told me that before he recruits a high school player and communicates with the admissions office, he tries to size up the young man’s parents by meeting and talking with them.

What Makes A Basketball Player a Great Leader And Teammate?

Strong leadership on the basketball court is a key component to having a unified, successful, and winning team. Leadership does not always come directly from the coach, but can come from within the team itself. Typically, a leader emerges from the team. Some people are born with natural leadership abilities and others have to strive and work hard to obtain that same quality.

Managing Pain after a Sports Injury

Injuries are common in sports. Accidents occur, and training or improper gear can all lead to injury. Many athletic injuries are to the soft tissues of the body – the ligaments, muscles, and sometimes the nerves and joints. Below we will outline some common sporting injuries and the pain management techniques for each:

Beat the Heat………

And so it begins, fall sports tryouts and the end to the unofficial summer for a number of local athletes (and athletic trainers).  Before we can make it to the nice cool fall weather, hundreds of athletes, coaches, and athletic trainers have to make it through the heat of late summer and two-a-day practices.  Luckily, the Virginia High School League (VHSL) has a six day progression for football coaches to follow for progressing into full pads.

Should parents buy newer, high-tech football helmets?

High school football season is rapidly approaching. With seemingly never-ending media attention on the long-term dangers of concussions, parents are searching for ways to keep their kids safe. Not surprisingly, helmet manufacturers claim that the latest technology in their products might prevent some of these injuries.

“Two-a-days” and Secondary Prevention/”Second Impact Syndrome”

The subject of ‘secondary impact syndrome’ is controversial, with some authors arguing against its existence.  There is consensus on one extremely rare catastrophic complication of single brain impacts:  namely diffuse cerebral swelling.   This occurs more frequently in children and adolescents, and is a dreaded (albeit rare) complication of youth collision sports.