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League Connector 

SportsSignUp Play offers League Connector to help take the stress off of commissioners managing multiple leagues, clubs and teams with thousands of players.
With data constantly flowing from top to bottom—and bottom to top—League Connector allows you to manage and track every aspect of your sports organization.
Easily organize schedules, rosters, reports, important communications, teams and clubs with League Connector.

Top Down Scheduling

Our top down scheduling system makes it easy for commissioners to generate and provide a schedule for leagues, clubs and teams. Commissioners can even make changes on the fly and they will automatically appear in the leagues systems.

  • As a commissioner, you create the schedule for your leagues and League Connector automatically notifies and gives them the schedule.
  • Need to re-schedule a game? As a commissioner, you can quickly make changes on the fly and your leagues, clubs, teams and parents will be notified automatically.


With a lot of players to manage and keep track of in a large league, we know you need a tool to help make it easy. League Connector gives you the ability to track the things that matter.

  • Keep track of teams, clubs and players within a league.
  • Track athlete ineligibility.
  • Track athlete suspensions.
  • Track important information on athletes with concussions.

Parent and Player

Our next-level reporting feature is comprehensive and easy to use. Commissioners automatically receive all the answers to custom questions, payment status, important player information and league income during the roster submission process.

  • Parents submit their registration and payments directly to the league.
  • Commissioners automatically receive age/gender/grade information, answers to custom questions and payment status from the registration forms.

SportsSignUp Play Mobile

Need to send out a schedule or even a schedule change notification to the parents and players in your league? With the SportsSignUp Play Mobile App fully integrated with league connector, you can create, filter and modify schedules and it will go directly into the hands of parents and players.

  • Share important state or district information or schedule changes seamlessly through the mobile app.
  • Easily communicate with leagues, clubs, teams, parents and players about important communications.

Roster Submission

Simplify the roster submission process for your leagues. Our seamless roster process allows for leagues to submit their club or team rosters directly to commissioners.

  • Leagues quickly and easily submit their rosters to the commissioner.
  • Commissioners can approve and verify rosters seamlessly.
  • Automatic notifications are sent to parents and players about their placement on teams, taking the work off of league administrators shoulders.