Online League Registration Simplified.

Our pain-free online league registration software allows you to gain insight into your league, from breakdowns by age/gender/grade to league income and more. Reports are comprehensive and easy to use. Track who’s signed up, or volunteered for what team and who has outstanding balances.

Handling online payments has never been easier or more secure. SportsSignup’s easyMerchant™ allows you to safely accept all major credit cards, and still keep the option to accept and track all offline payments via check and cash.

The Next Generation Youth Sports Management Platform

Customized Forms.

Ask your league registrants an unlimited number of custom questions during online registration. Add and configure uniform sizes, medical info, custom fees and more. Even ask if a child has a specific team preference so they can be on the same team as their friends or sync up for car-pooling.

Paper Free.
Stress Free.

Putting league registration online means less stress and less waste. Avoid stacks of paper and manually creating spreadsheets. Our system lets people register, complete a background check, and buy swag from your online store—all in one easy checkout process. When registration is complete, members can connect to other registrants and even share their registered status on social media.